Mind, Body, Soul - redefined...

At Luxe, we pride ourselves on providing a classy, fun and safe environment to work out.  Our classes combine the best of our favourite traditional practices, into inspiring challenges for the mind and body.  Yoga, pilates and fitness classes are 60 minutes, all group rides are 45 minutes, and lunchtime express classes run for 45 minutes as well.  Sunday afternoons are soulful at Luxe, featuring a 90 minute yoga/meditation/self-healing session. 

Power Flow:

If you like a strong practice, we have it for you. This vigorous hot yoga class is challenging and gratifying all at once, while cleansing sweat will leave your skin glowing. 

Slow Flow:

Slower pace flowing heated yoga with longer holds and alignment focus. Great for those who are new to heated yoga or haven’t practised in a while.


Long holds of stretches to get to the deeper layers of muscle tissue, fascia and the joints. We use some props and heat to open up and release tension.

Aerial Flow: 

Poses elevated from earth to air. We combine air asanas with heart-rate elevating intervals to ensure you get a workout, spinal release and rush from being upside down all at once!

Yoga Sculpt:  

Using props, handweights, a mix of inversions, stretches and slow bodyweight exercises yoga sculpt aims at making your body feel long, lean and strong while taking your mind off your worries, with uplifting beats.

Hip Hop Yoga:

Funky tunes lighten up the room, as we embark on a dynamic vinyasa-style class. No coordination required, the movements are basic yoga poses, as we breathe to the beat of the music. 

Soulful Sundays:

90 minutes of juicy flow, yin, meditation and sound healing, for anyone who wants to start the week well and happy!

Hot Pilates: 

Alignment, strength, balance, flexibility – stimulated by pleasant elevated temperatures. Combining movement with heat allows deeper breathing and range of motion. 

Pilates Sculpt: 

Strengthen, tone, control your powerhouse in a firing fusion of traditional pilates and sculpting moves using hand weights, resistance bands and other props.


Imagine Pilates, boxing and dance combined into one energising total body workout. Use our special gloves for extra power!

Hot Barre: 

A dynamic heated fusion of ballet, Pilates and dance designed to increase movement and posture awareness and shape legs, butt, thighs and arms.

Yoga Barre: 

We combine yoga moves with body sculpting and barre work to deliver a strong yet fun experience. Packed with toning exercises with and without weights, you’ll be shaping the buttocks, abdominals, thighs and arms.

Melt & Burn: 

The ultimate sweat – melt body fat fast in this high-intensity interval workout with minimal rest.

Beat Box: 

Punch your way to fitness to engaging tunes using boxing gloves and pads.

Booty Bash:

Specifically designed to lift and shape that sexy behind, this class targets the lower body, thighs, butt and hips with a low impact routine.

Cardio Ride:

45 minutes of varied terrain, with spurts of sprints, climbs, intervals, out-of-the-saddle sections and some floor work. Work up a sweat to original tunes. Please wear shoes – SPD cleats compatible.

Core Ride: 

Combining ride principles with Pilates-style moves to strengthen and tone the mid section. Warning – you may walk out with rock-hard abs! Why not try our 60 minute version on Sunday mornings – Core Ride X!Please wear shoes.

Body Ride:

Using the stationary bike to warm up, we move through rounds of circuit-style workouts broken up by high intensity cycle intervals. Seriously the quickest way to get fit! Please wear shoes.

Booty Ride:

Our newest addition to the selection of fusion rides has your booty in shape in no time. Working specifically on cardio and strength intervals for your glutes and hammies, this class will build your best asset. Please wear shoes.