About Us

We're people who live their passion
and aim to inspire others to do so!

So why us?

Just come and see for yourself!

Organic space

We are nestled in an old warehouse complex. The contemporary interior design provides a natural and earthy feel. Original features like concrete floors and face brick have been polished and brighten the space. The airy yoga studio and the blacked out ride room almost seem purpose-built.

Genuine people

It’s a simple fact: we love what we do and we do it well. And yes, we can claim this because we have what it takes. From our combined decade of teaching experience, to our finesse in coffee making – we are passionate and meticulous people. And we can’t wait to meet you!

Unique Offering

Who says that exercise and indulgence can’t be served on the same plate? We believe life is about finding balance and maintaining a lifestyle that is good for our body and soul. We sweat, we let off steam, we wind down and recharge, and we enjoy a turmeric latte and a chat, all in one place.

It's time to

Make your lifestyle choice

They say, it takes 3 months to create healthy habits.

We’re not asking for any more commitment to help you adopt a balanced and positive lifestyle.

60 weekly classes to choose from.

20+ different styles to try so you’ll never get bored.

For only $5 a day our weekly membership is there to encourage you to form a routine with an affordable price tag.

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What our members say

Gosh, we love them!

LUXE is fabulous. It has literally changed my life by giving me a variety of classes that suit my work life. Each class is varied and interesting. The instructors are all great the atmosphere is supportive and funny and light hearted. The candlelight wind down at the end of many sessions is a gift! It is perfect for all age groups and fitness levels, and the instructors support all levels as a result.

Jen Galland North Manly

I can't keep away from LUXE. The variety and styles of classes are superb and the staff are awesome, great instructors and super talented. As you leave class, you’re always tempted with warm smiles, delicious drinks and yummy snacks. The feel at Luxe is so welcoming and chilled. I'm definitely addicted. Thank you for being so different and so bang on with your offering! It's so good, I almost don't want to tell anyone!

Marianna Gale North Manly

LUXE has an amazing vibe as soon as you walk in. The cafe in the front is full of healthy goodies to satisfy you after a class. Couple the amazing barista Alex with some high end coffee beans and you will get the smoothest coffee you have ever tasted. The lounge is well laid out with modern décor. Friendly instructors and a clean environment are what make this establishment a must to train at. I predict this will be the next cool place to be on the Northern Beaches!

James Grundy North Curl Curl


Meet the team




I had a whirlwind of a fitness career - from award-winning child gymnast to fitness instructor to Ironman triathlete to yoga teacher. I believe by learning new skills and trying new things in a playful, less serious way we are more likely to create habits we stick to. Like most of us, I went through change in my life multiple times. Health and wellness has always been my rock. And making it my life was just natural. LUXE is the best thing that ever came to me and I am grateful for each of our members trust and commitment.




LUXE makes me feel part of a community. It also brings out the artist and poet in me while talking to people at the lounge and studio. For me, coffee is like a culture which evolves as time goes. Staying up with a good shot of espresso and/or brewed coffee seems like to be witnessing the evolution of our coffee culture.



Ride & Fitness Program Coordinator

I have a passion for boxing and circuit training, which brought me to work in the fitness industry. I have recently started teaching ride classes at LUXE and absolutely love the vibe! I aim to deliver a well-rounded workout for my team and make sure you will get fit and work up a sweat in my classes.



Membership Consultant

I would like to describe myself as a lively and genuine person who will strive to do their very best. My health and fitness is very important to me and I incorporate it into my every day-to-day life. I am motivated to be the healthiest version of myself.




I got hooked on Piloxing 2 years ago while I was living in Los Angeles. The air punches made me feel strong and powerful. I'm grateful to be part of the team at LUXE, as it is THE hip place at the Northern Beaches. The vibe of the coffee lounge and the studio had me at hello! Besides, the many different varieties of fun classes makes this place very special. In my free time, you’ll find me swimming from Manly to Shelly Beach and having coffee with friends. Oh and… I want to be a mermaid one day!



Membership Consultant

There is a special energy people share that gravitate towards Luxe, the focus on internal and external peace, motivation and nourishment! I work here because I want to be surrounded by this atmosphere, because I feel a sense of personal development, and I'm a part of an enriching community! In my free time I manage my own Fire Dancing and Special FX business, I practice yoga, acro yoga, meditation, sound bathing, muay thai, and self development.



Yoga, Barre & Ride

My yoga journey started when I suffered a knee injury in Tae Kwon Do which soon made me realise that yoga combined all my passions into one! I love studying people and understanding how we are all different and why this is important. LUXE is my new home! I have never taught in a place that has such a supportive environment! The people are so incredibly nice and the community feel is outstanding. Oh, and I really do love the coffee, especially the turmeric latte.




I started practicing yoga to stretch after working out. But it soon became so much more. You learn a lot about yourself when you practice, and what you learn on the mat you take with you long after you’re done. It’s a time to be yourself and know that by the end of class, things are going to look a whole lot better. People are often intimidated by yoga, but at LUXE we show that it’s all in good spirit and the important thing is to have fun and feel great. Also, we don’t care if you can’t touch your toes, come anyway!



Pilates, Barre, Ride & Fitness

The classes at LUXE are so innovative, challenging yet inviting, fun yet focused. I love connecting with people on a daily basis, through movement, compassion and communication. My teaching career began in 1998, and many disciplines later I got completely hooked on barre. It is fun to see everyone let go of their everyday lives, drop their inhibitions and walk out with a smile on their faces. I like to make members feel heard and understood - it's a big thing at LUXE.



Ride & Fitness

LUXE is like no other gym I teach at. It offers so much variety of classes and the members are so open and friendly. I love the Body Ride and Core Ride concepts because it's different to the usual cycle classes that I’ve been teaching. My background is in personal training and I’ve been a fan of aerobics and cycle classes for a long time. I enjoy seeing how eager our members are and how much they like a challenge.




I am a firm believer that we all have the power with us to change everything and gain the courage to take control of life. My teachings can create a pathway to step into a life of love, freedom and joy. With a degree in social work and over ten years’ experience working in the field, I was fortune to meet a myriad of clients and circumstances. I have also been teaching yoga for the past six years and mentored aspiring teachers. Off the mat you will find me spending time with my two beautiful children Noah and Hope.




What do I love about teaching is the opportunity to impact people’s lives and help them to achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After many years of participating in group classes, I took the challenge to do my Certificate III and become an instructor. I’ve now been teaching for 12 years. LUXE is such a special place to teach at - I love being part of the team in this amazing environment.


And we can’t wait to share it with you!