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The luxe experience

LUXE is a lifestyle – we are passionate about feeding our soul with daily movement and granting our bodies a little indulgence. Our studio in Brookvale accommodates all levels of fitness, exercise preferences and we encourage the implementation of movement into our lifestyles. Create your positive lifestyle change and implement it through a versatile selection of exercise classes: yoga, pilates, ride classes, barre dance & more…

New to Luxe Yoga?

Trial Membership available now: just $29 a week for up to 8 weeks*

*Available to new students only & valid for up to 3 visits a week. Cancel or upgrade anytime with 7 days’ notice!

This is the perfect opportunity to explore our range of classes, get to know our teachers, and begin your practice!

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Choose from a wide range of flowing hot yoga and pilates, relaxing yin, grounding meditation, dynamic barre and sculpting, complemented by our signature fusion rides.

Urban-style yoga, pilates, barre & aerial

Our modern take on yoga and pilates stems from inspiration. We take elements of traditional practices and fuse them into challenging and diverse class styles. Our Hot Yoga and Pilates classes are heated to 26-28 degrees, and are great alternative to bikram hot yoga.

Mindful fitness

Fitness just got a whole new level! We practise with mind-muscle connection - switching on muscles when isolating them and working them consciously. We have Melt & Burn, Beatbox and Booty Bash classes for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Fusion rides

We don't spin, we ride. It's no performance cycling, but a full body workout in a dark room to firing tunes and disco lights. There are Core Ride, Cardio Ride, Body Ride & Booty Ride for you to choose from.

Specialty coffee

There's nothing more rewarding than a coffee after class. We specialise in hot and cold beverages in our lounge, specialty lattes, cold brew and smoothies. We also offer yummy treats like raw chocolate and bliss balls to replenish.

Move On Time

We accommodate to all of your needs. Including, a variety of exercise classes and a convenient timetable to ensure you’ll be on time. You are one step closer to implementing a positive lifestyle choice…

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Our Studio

Walk into our urban oasis and be inspired by the contemporary space we have created for your enjoyment. Our boutique studio is hard to miss, located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Luxe is an authentic and luxurious studio. Once you visit us – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Luxe Yoga. Enjoy the use of complimentary yoga mats, foam rollers, modern change rooms and showers, a coffee lounge and staff ready to greet you with a smile. Your journey begins today…

Our studio is located at 162 Harbord Rd, Brookvale. Feel free to request a tour so we can show you around and help you find the right program to suit your needs!


What our members think

Gosh, we love them!

LUXE is fabulous. It has literally changed my life by giving me a variety of classes that suit my work life. Each class is varied and interesting. The instructors are all great the atmosphere is supportive and funny and light hearted. The candlelight wind down at the end of many sessions is a gift! It is perfect for all age groups and fitness levels, and the instructors support all levels as a result.

Jen Galland North Manly

I can't keep away from LUXE. The variety and styles of classes are superb and the staff are awesome, great instructors and super talented. As you leave class, you’re always tempted with warm smiles, delicious drinks and yummy snacks. The feel at Luxe is so welcoming and chilled. I'm definitely addicted. Thank you for being so different and so bang on with your offering! It's so good, I almost don't want to tell anyone!

Marianna Gale North Manly

LUXE has an amazing vibe as soon as you walk in. The cafe in the front is full of healthy goodies to satisfy you after a class. Couple the amazing barista Alex with some high end coffee beans and you will get the smoothest coffee you have ever tasted. The lounge is well laid out with modern décor. Friendly instructors and a clean environment are what make this establishment a must to train at. I predict this will be the next cool place to be on the Northern Beaches!

James Grundy North Curl Curl

For those who need to release their fire and those who are yet to find it within – join the LUXE movement.